Rob Frampton-Fell   M.A. Cert.Ed.






Influences and Style

Rob’s interest in painting began at a very early age following a visit, as a very young adolescent, to the original Tate Gallery. Thrilled by the works of the Modern Artists he determined one day he would follow his own creative path.


Despite being particularly interested in the works of the more abstract Modern Artists, initially, he began painting in a slightly formal, more representational, manner. However, very soon he became frustrated and dissatisfied with this style - it didn’t represent what he wanted to achieve, neither did it reflect his personality nor his motivation. Finally, he fixed the focus and energies of his work firmly on a style for which he truly felt a genuine passion and compulsion. Combining the essence of the ‘wild beast’ colours of the Fauvists and the sub-conscious spontaneity and gestural mark making of the Abstract Expressionists, Rob found his style. This passion and compulsion – first sparked as a young observer, now dazzles audaciously as a painter.


The starting point for his work usually begins from something observed, which is of a particular unusual interest, such as something peculiar in a landscape, odd looking places, curious groupings of objects, fantastic natural and man-made colour eccentricities, anything that appears slightly ‘out of sync’ that grasps his attention. From the photographs he takes of these images a few sketchy lines are drawn and painting begins - the finished work emerging from a free spirited and bold use of shape, colour and mark making. His work is highly coloured, textured, very distinctive and painted on deep edge canvas in acrylics.


Contact Me

Rob Frampton-Fell  M.A.  Cert.Ed.


Instagram: #robsabstract  (link below)


If you are interested in requesting further images of any of my paintings - prior to a possible purchase, please just get in touch.

Most of my work measures 60 x 60 cms unframed and in the wooden box/tray frames the work measures 72 x72 cms. Recently though, I have also been working on paintings measuring 40x40cms. All paintings are originals and painted in acrylic on deep edge canvas.

Prices range depending upon size of the work and whether or not it is framed or unframed (P.O.A.), excluding packaging and carriage.

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